Essay No. 7
"The Journey"
 May 10th 2010. 12:47 pm

                The world around us is a very complex place with complex situations requiring complex thought and most often the answers never clear or defined. Humans posses the natural ability to think and reason which forms the foundation for our survival as a species. At some point humans have decided that communicating with other humans is beneficial in their safety and survival. This is a paper about our ability, as co-existents, on this planet to communicate and the psychology an individual must understand to work well with others. This is also an exploration on the lack of this concept we poses and are not encouraged to acquire. This applies to America and her people as well as the rest of the world. We have a public who is priming or now ready to act as a reaction to global corruption in areas which make up a bulk of each individual here on earth’s life.

                When I wake up my goal is to start the day feeling well. I take a shower, I eat breakfast, and I smile at the sun and drink my coffee. I greet my family and I am off to work. I can only conclude this means that with myself feeling well I will interact well with others weather on the road in traffic, going to a store, or if a work day with my fellow co workers, and this will lead to a better chance of receiving this from others and in return things will go my way and I will call that a good day. If anything is to go wrong in this process it leaves quite the potential for me to fall off the wagon and react negatively which will hamper my attitude and lead me to possibly mistreat a situation or person which will have a negative impact on myself and my day.  These are the basic principles and understanding I believe help me to be self aware and understand how to help myself thru a day and even control my environment. Attitude is everything because it is our conscious decision on how to conduct ourselves and perceive situations.  I see my attitudes effect, now on how I may impact others or get them to focus in on the effect of attitude and self awareness? I cannot force an individual to do anything based on the principal we are all created divine individuals with ability to think and reason for ourselves.

                I see an environment in America where the social fitness of the people is allowing a corruption to exist. I believe if we can analyze and understand the fundamentals of working with each other this will greatly inhibit the ability of this sort of corruption we experience to exist. I believe to analyze one’s self at first and understand the fundamentals of how to recognize your abilities to change your environment or understand yourself and your impact than this will help to work well with others and make the change you wish to see in the world. There is an underlying principal I believe though that we are missing that rings through will all people’s divine ability to understand the difference between right and wrong.  When I see so clearly the wrong doings of any man go unanswered or even become politically acceptable and the balance of our judicial system compromised this raises a huge red flag I think all can see. It requires action from the people for our ability to have accountability has then been compromised. This is an alarming trend that I have seen unanswered by the people and this must change. These individuals do not get away with their actions they create a confusing situation or house of cards that will surly collapse once an understanding is reached by the people. The question is when?

                What understanding are we trying to reach? Ultimately I think it is communication.  I see bloggers (internet and newspaper) and patriots as the new watchmen and educators of this country. If education is to save this country we need a forum and access to information outlets other than mainstream media and history books. They have always existed but I believe their role is in process and soon to be that which contends with corporate media. Corporate media is something I or you alone, unless fabulously wealthy, have no ability to create or direct as we see fit. It is at the hands of the minority. There is a gap with quite the potential for corruption. It has kept the people informed on a mass scale for a long period of time. People have found comfort and reliability in this. We recognize we cannot trust a politician and now as a public have a real understanding of “political rhetoric” which allows for lies and slander of other Americans. Corporations which control commerce and Media both are entangled here as well. When one commercial says one thing and another the exact opposite and both say this is the truth we become confused. We then elect who sounds nicer or firm depending on your sway. We elect based on a color our father and his father may have rooted for all their lives. Or maybe were the rebellious and do the exact opposite. This applies to politicians, news channels, news papers, and products alike. It’s not only time for this to stop but will inevitably stop because these decisions are now and will only escalate further into effecting the individuals life. As individuals we have an ability to adapt and question. I believe technology and what it’s done for our ability to communicate and think is what has ultimately begun to awake to people around me or tuned them into this reality. Bloggers and Patriots are who we will turn to receive an understanding through good investigative journalism as to what the real facts are and who to shut down once we see we have such a responsibility. If this becomes the norm in America the room for corruption and the tolerance for ignorance and lies, in a position of public service will no longer be acceptable.

                The one up the media holds today which leaves this as a work in progress rather than a reality is the understanding of how to work with the public. The public figures we recognize and all the people behind the scenes understand their audience. They have been to collage they are well educated and yet they limit their use of big words and complicated stories which would fascinate other intellectuals and scientist. The point is they understand that they may be in tune but they speak to an out of touch audience. This allows them to steer the audience to whatever story they wish and even understand what entrust they may spark in the audience through different techniques. I cannot go to college or be born a genius in the top ten percent and expect the other ninety percent to understand what I do. Making good study of this and many other fundamentals will give the patriots and bloggers the same impact. It’s not magic, it is our self awareness and understanding of how to co-exist and co create which will unite us as a public and drive us into this new understanding of ourselves that will reform the people. If the people reform themselves and elevate self awareness through a willingness of one who is to help one who is not we have just eliminated hopelessness and created a scenario for this world to be a better place. We do not see the necessity of this as a society is what I observe. So please do us all a service and make study of how to interest and define yourself and ask a friends to do the same. Things not only get more interesting they begin to evolve. These ripples will surly produce a wave. Welcome to my mind and thank you for reading Patriot With A Pen.

Written by -PJ Creamer-

With the intent to reform not

The government,

To reform the people!

Essay No. 6
" Married with no possible divorce?"
 April 15th 2010. 5:19 pm

                We the American publics go about our days and have managed to remain in a lot of cases comfortable. I know we have our tent cities and in some worst case scenarios the times are tuff and living is not what it once was. I do claim though the majority of the people are still able to go to their jobs make enough to survive and possibly even more. The kids go to public school and are taken care of for the day. The dog still has food and the TV still works. Our largest political party in America is Apathy.  The majority of these people who are comfortable leave the war at quite a distance in their mind. Politics and Capitol Hill may spark entrust if presented at all on their evening news. The news papers have become a bit dusty and maybe a magazine on the toilet might fill in a tidbit or two. The point is there isn’t enough time in the life of the individual to complete a thought on what is going on in the world past their daily routine. The stress of the mess is ruling us all in a sense.

                When it comes time to elect a public servant I agree every last citizen should have a vote. If your life is busy and you can’t pay attention to every detail or name every candidate I still think you should have the ability to go and educate yourself best you can and vote. There is a group too that may not educate themselves at all and vote strictly upon a friends mentioning, a party they have chosen,  or a color that is pretty. This is a problem but I like to think it is a small percentage of people where as most are at least willing to try to understand their decision and its weight.  To agree with secrete societies, party agendas, or to be an elitists is American because we in America have a choice and the freedom to be as we wish.  We must honor and respect the majority in this country. I agree though this will never be the majority because the very fundamentals of this are against our very traditions and values as Americans. We surely value our freedom.

               This apathy is elected and base upon an idea all people need care and cannot provide it to themselves.  Most in the Apathy category though do not believe this. I believe that society has become so weighed down by corporate greed and the deterioration of the middle class is finally grinding people to the point of exhaustion. They do not want Apathy but chose it out of sheer exhaustion from media and the blue collar world we live in. The hustle and bustle of just surviving is relentless. This leaves little time to pick up a newspaper or talk to a neighbor about what’s going on in the world. In my hometown it is almost taboo to speak in public about ones political beliefs. It should be beer, sports, gadgets, weather, celebrities or gas prices. Apathy has become normalize due to a combination I see. Some would call it a marriage. Whether or not a divorce is even possible is controversial. One in which the power of the government and corporations have come together and created corporation America. Corporations do not equal economy and should not hold any more of a priority with the government than the people themselves. I do not believe this is the case. I see a government which holds corporate entrust as acceptable and necessary and this tells me they have lost all faith in their middle class. Rely on the rich to take care of the population so to speak. Government is the right hand and the corporate elite are the left and they are quite the magician!

                 This is marriage occurs within the upper realms of corporations and their ties to our public servants. I agree corporations are run by people. The people are the voice of this country and each and every one has their right to vote and have their own opinion. Where the peoples problem lies is when the wealthy heads of these corporations begin to believe the people or their consumers are to be tallied and controlled as they do their own inventory or product. If your business is made necessary or the only option your profits sky rocket and you create your own job security. Their business has positioned itself to make a maximum profit and must always do so because I believe they see their business as an empire or a government within our government that must always expand or power and security is lost. I do not believe it is solely out of a desire to provide a good quality product to the people. I believe it becomes a quantity issue and quality and sometimes human safety is compromised even lost at some point in exchange for revenue. Not in all cases but it seems to be an over whelming trend not just with Americas corporations, the worlds as well.  Is America conforming to the worlds acceptability’s? I hope not. Our values are what makes this America. At some point these people have made enough money to sustain themselves and their family for the rest of their lives. From there it is my opinion that greed and control can be the only ruling factors. Why else would one seek further expansion of their company leaving less room for other companies grow and thrive? Why would they create and mass produce a product due to its earnings potential and manufacturing costs rather than ask the simple question is this good for my country men’s health or country? Isn’t it American to want to see others prosper as you have and allow them to do so?

                   I think they believe it is their mission to control who should and should not be wealthy in America. Eliminate the competition they see unfit and help along those they agree with or share their dominate views. Ultimately this is an assault on middle class America. Leaving us to only pick which web we chose to entangle ourselves into. We must understand the weight of our decisions and look past the shiny new objects and things we don’t need which seem so easy to obtain when loan sharks are there to ensure you can have them today. At this point I think to myself and am reminded that yes Hitler did run a successful campaign in Germany. Yes he did secure funding through the same cartel that runs America today. The answer is YES! There are those out there who seek control and are even though wealthy, mentally unfit to interact with their peers. We as a public must accept this as fact as much as we wish Hitler was a fluke. Maybe this occurred through the spoil of greed, wealth, power? This is something we are all susceptible too. We must know history so it does not reoccur. Your society is not safe from this effect! Some dominate only within the Americas, some across the globe. If the question is this good for my fellow man and this country do not arise it is tyranny at foot. It is proven now this is our case here in America, Look around you!

                 Our senators and congressmen do reflect the general consensus of the people. I know this is a controversial statement but I believe it true. The people have been sold this idea that corporations are the only way to maintain our current standard of living. I think this lie is becoming more and more self evident everyday as our standard of living only decreases. The issue is when will our eyes open and will we demand something different? Are we as Americans now so bought into this that we can’t accept something different?  Is there truly an option for independence at this point? Has this country become something that requires people’s dependence due to their affection for technology, cheeseburgers, and goods from china? We are not under threat of control from the government, corporations, and globalism and so on. We are under threat by our very acceptance of the way life is rather than looking at the way life could be. Government I believe is reacting to our needs and what we will OK. This is why we are currently a society that is breaking down rather than a harmonious functioning society which relies on middle class and their morals to govern the oh so playful rich  and the oh so ornery poor. There must be a balance and Americans are to blame for not demanding that their country do better! I feed it is a problem of education and lack thereof. I believe it is fixable through unity which will inevitably come. The age of tyranny from the rich and moral decree is soon to end. I believe the age of apathy as well is to follow suit.

                    It seems to me that my vote is not actually at the ballot box. I control which person makes the decision on a government level, yes. I think change does not occur due to the people’s demands and allowances. I believe our real vote is by way of what we spend our money on day to day. I unfortunately in my own situation can tell you it is almost impossible to live outside of what the corporations have set up for us without bankrupting yourself. Especially with the two most common tie downs for both the apathy party and the American people, a house and car payment. I can also tell you though this is due to a lack of entrust in the area of investing in farmers markets, butchers with cattle farms, local mills, and other local or at least US production. The cheep product at the lowest cost generates highest revenues must stop. This is where our middle class should shop and the middle class would stimulate itself and give a place for the wealthy to pour their money back into society as well. Instead it is Wal-Mart, Wendy’s, Sam’s Club, and even to move into other industries Gyco Auto Insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Chase Bank which have the money grab on the people wealthy and poor. There may be specialized companies for maybe rich or poor but none the less what they all have in common is they are grouping people together and claiming this saves money and time.

                 I believe this saves neither time nor money. I believe it does not promote happiness which ultimately is the reason for our clutch on this machine of ours. We think it is our security and happiness because it’s all we know. This system redirects the power and commerce out of the middle class hands and allows more room for more “selected” millionaires. It was reported that we are amidst a hike in our millionaire population. Once you begin to understand that yes not all millionaires are selected but a lot of them are, family ties, common goals or like minds, friends, you start to see where multiple men with enough money begin partnerships for power. The question is not what one can do for their country but for their pockets. I don’t think the half of them know how dangerous they truly are or even that they are to blame for the mess on the people’s hands. Here is a revolutionary idea. What if patriots around the globe understood this and began a network of businesses of their own taking advantage of these markets. The people desire to be free they just need to see how. We need to get back to our roots and grow our middle class as well as promote this industry as that which will save America. Wal-Mart may always cut prices but this could be a vehicle to get the people to understand why this is a better way for America and her middle class. Once Wal-Mart and other industry giants lose our business and see we wish to be American and buy American. They will have to cut their size and be an option, not a monopoly to small business and the middle class.

                    This can be looked at as a full circle problem. It’s one I believe most try to explain and pick at the details as to which family is running what, which conspiracy is real and not. I wish to look at the bigger picture and start to understand our tools and fight back. Until the bigger pictures is what we come together on and bring to the people. If not we will remain divided and the system will as well as downward spiral will continue. I don’t doubt that with many different kinds of people in this world some form of this system will exist even after a reform or revolution occurs. There will still be the dependent class, it will not go away. Maybe once this is fixed and the thinkers and workers of this country are free this portion of society will see our happiness and want to come along as well. We must first help ourselves. Without our informed patriots who is left to lead and inform the rest? We could form our own credit unions (with our greed and an understanding of principal), famers guilds (which would battle Monsanto’s strangle hold on seed industry), Health care networks (free health care provided and run by the people?), and even Energy (come together in alternative energy communities built and implemented by the people funded through a 1 cent goods tax handled by local government). It’s all possible if we just begin to think wisely as well as most important act wisely. With this reality why do we need world commerce and giant corporations which buy our government and force them to spend their precious public service time on such petty issues that the people should be handling themselves? Free the government from the enslavement of the American people. America is a young nation who is naturally going through the process of becoming an adult. This is a marriage in my opinion which does not need a divorce. It warrants an annulment.

Written by -PJ Creamer-

With the intent to reform not

The government,

To reform the people!

Essay No. 5
"The Information War"
 April 6th 2010. 5:30 pm

                    Today we live in a world where there are many problems. We have a war and national debt without an end in sight. We have a government who operates outside of the eye or hand of the people. We have corporations, institutions, and foundations grabbing for any dollar the people might have left over after taking care of themselves and paying tax on income and goods that are purchased. This great country of ours has so many problems which leave the people asking which issue to I tackle first? Will this even make a difference? They have become so many or have been made to seem so complex, that we the people have no ability to dissect these problems and their importance so that we can even begin to form an opinion.  Without an opinion the people are left confused and not able to understand how to come together to fix the issue. This leaves one option, to try and focus on much broader issues which are a bit more self-evident so we can come together as a people and begin a new era with what we originally asked for in 2008, change.

                 The issues people are willing to address must change so that we may see a unification of the people so that we can change the course in Washington to stop the growth of our nation’s debt and to stop the perpetual war machine which is bankrupting his country. We the people are that which the constitution empowers. This is done through independence not dependence. I look around in the world today. I see a society which has grown largely dependent on government and what I call supper structure. Supper structure meaning corporations, banks, and foundations which have grown so big that decisions made cannot be regulated by the people due to their complexities. This has to do with many aspects of life including food, electricity, pharmaceuticals, science and bioengineering, monetary and loans systems as well. Bonuses given, trading, and ethics involved are things the people on an individual level cannot see to begin to pass judgment on until measures have already been implemented. Our media centers are all owned and controlled filters which is why we must rely on each other and the few brave investigative peoples journalist who put their life and reputation on the line every day attempting to untangle this web of lies, greed, and corruption. The media is not going to do it for us. It’s as though the big shots sit high above the clouds in their high rise estates and have their own interwoven network to decided moral and ethics as well as what’s acceptable to subject us the people below them too answering to no one. Once an ill effect is carried by wind to the ear of congress and senate these folks are way ahead of this with a plan to buy and direct the people’s protectors, the representatives of the people.  This is destroying accountability in America. In this I also stake my claim as to why America’s government is no longer operating as a body to protect its citizens. It is operating as a corporation which has labeled each and every one of us an asset, and the world as our market.  This market holds priority number one and the people ride in the backseat.

                The people are divine individuals with rights that are self evident as proclaimed in our constitution. We believe in this nation of equality and an ability to do what one will with one’s life.  To form one’s own opinion and live this life as they see fit so long as to not tread on someone else’s right to the same.  Subjected to the people’s judgments none the less I might ass. If we are in a situation where we fall short of an ability to form our own opinion but are forced into a situation where we must accept a measure. There is a tremendous gap in accountability and understanding if that measure was or is good for the people. These corporations and banks have held a great amount of entrust in the people and their attention. This is evident in the research they conduct. The information which they are in pursuit of and have been for sometime is not just what we buy or what websites and products we look at. They are active in understanding what draws us to a product. What effects on our mind dose a word written with a yellow background have versus what effect maybe a blue background would have. The point is they are study our psychology as well. There is an understanding of how to stay within the blind spot of the people’s eye and draw them to a situation or item. This is where I proclaim that all supper structures government, corporation, and foundation have taken advantage of the people. It was looked at as profit from the government’s assets to move the money from the majority at the bottom to the minority or wealthy at the top where the money would be reinvested and jobs grew for some time. For a long time this system has worked in its own way and here we are. 

                This country is now to a point where the membership to these companies and banks are so overwhelming that to operate outside of this super structure would mean to pay twice as much for goods that people can barely afford from the corporate world, or to move hundreds maybe thousands of miles from where a family has rooted and begin on one’s own in a remote part of the country that has yet to have been taken over. The goods come at a lesser cost and the people first like this and membership is granted and economy grows. This has been going on for a long time and has been successfull. This is now today helping to mask a weak dollar, inflation is among us and will only get worse, and the government only seems to be looking for another way to tax the people weather through health care, goods, global tax on emissions which will have zero effect on emissions, and so on. The peoples only way to survive if this goes on is thru outsourcing and further centralizing along with importing of most goods where people are willing to live at a lower standard of living thus the product of lower quality. It is my proclamation if the governments respect and faith is restored in its people, it will once again begin to bid in favor of the people. The corporations have become the people’s contender. Washington believes corporations must be taken care of first because the corporations are who they deem the back bone of this country now. Not the middle class or the people. This is self evident I believe and requires not much further debate.  

                The only way we will get through this tribulation is together. I agree, in the scenario I’ve described, there is but one option and that is for the people to take their power back. What we fully don’t recognize yet is the responsibilities we will have to inherit as well. It seems so big and above us, if I pull my dollar and influence but can’t make sense of the scenario enough to convince my neighbor, family, and friends to join me I will not bankrupt the corporation I will bankrupt myself and live in a tent city. This is where I believe we are in fact amidst an info war going on between the people and the corporation. I say do what you can to float and keep your nose above water because we need each and every individual free thinker we can to be in the best position possible as to have the time and ability to fight this war. We must find our fellow like minded people no matter what. Draw attention to yourself and be ready to be wrong. This has become so confusing that even those who refuse to see past the smoke screen, in fear of the work that will be needed from all to rebuild without building the same mess up again, are prepared to argue and many of them are smart too and do it well. Many of them though I find are very understanding, as long as you appear to be as well. The constitution, Independence, liberty, freedom you will find dose appeal to an overwhelming majority. Understand they are confused and so are you. Two confused party must put their minds together and grow. I am fully willing to accept that my ideas will evolve in this process and like a collage students initial path of study and ultimate outcome or carrier may differ greatly. This is because I am willing to accept my confusion as well as anyone’s and find the truths in the tangle and grow. Based on that thinking my ideas are to be different once the solution is about. We are working towards the solution it is not here yet.

                A united people do need a unifying cause. This is something I think all can get behind weather you call yourself democrat, republican, poor, rich, even a senator or congressman yourself. This is an issue, when looked at in the extreme, of enslaving the American public. This is not for any one man’s cause. This is happening thru a system and what has become our way of life. I see it as the people (the corporations being a part of the people) being set up for a too big to fail scenario out of a combination of greed, control, power, and in most cases those believing this was what was right to do. It is now clear this system will inevitably run the people into the ground little by little by further deteriorating of the middle class. I don’t think this was the initial intention but is the effect and must be reassessed. We may have years maybe even a decade or two but when it finally comes, and it will, there will be no means left to correct and we will resemble china or Soviet Russia. Government us subjected now to the greed of the few and will only get worse.

Government tendencies always sway towards growth, it is a fact. This is why a revolution as Jefferson said is necessary for every generation. Revolution is not only necessary or limited to only effecting the government. If the government has been infiltrated or the government has spread itself into the private sector by way of accepting contributions in turn swaying their opinion. The people must address the issue of the people as well. We are a bit too quick to only look to the government. They must both change at the same time. After all the heads of these corporations and media outfits all put their pants on the same way we do in the morning and are people. I have faith that these senators and congressmen are good patriots as well and love their country. They are confused in a system which under their watch has grown out of control and do not realize they type of effect they are really having on the people. Yes in many cases I’m sure greed, money, even drugs and other ethical issues come into play. There involved in a crippled system I can only imagine the pressure. I do not think we must act above them as we would only know what we would have done if sitting in those seats. This is not to say a few, and I have hope and faith, a minority of them may have been involved in ethical issues which may constitute justice and judicial review. We must release the people’s money and free open market. Together they both are held hostage.

                It is time we move forward in our information war. This is a war that has been on for some time. It has made headway and good membership at times and others it has taken its blows and knows the agony of stale water.  The one common thread on which I believe it has failed consistently is one of unity and understanding how to bring their people together and then most importantly how to bring the mass of people in this country together and unite to make a real change. The goal has been to educate the masses. I’m the masses now ready to do something with it. The warriors have not wasted their time. The information is only available to allow me to understand and do my part only thanks to this movement for truth and the people who have risked, lost, and or ruin their lives in this cause.  I am only looking forward at what can be done differently to achieve the result we have yet to see. There are many different issues afoot. If we try to address them all at once it will be divided we stand and we must unite or nothing will occur and steady the course will be the only option!

 There is one issue I believe which can and will unite the people in such a way it is not commit suicide, financial ruin, or family exile to move outside of this super structure, shut it down, and replace it with the people’s free market. This is the issue of the involvement of our public servants and corporations in this mess alike. When Microsoft grew too big, we broke them up. I may go as far as to impose a fifty percent tax on any individual, corporation, or foundation making more than a reasonable amount of money annually. I may be wrong but it’s a thought. The only other option I see is to convince the people to pull out of a documented list of industry (Wal-Mart’s, Sears, Mc Donald’s, Wendy’s) and bankrupt these industries forcing the people’s money elsewhere. To stop working for them as well and show that this sort of global tyranny is now recognized and not welcome in America. There would be break down but there would also be rebuilding at the same time. This would discourage the growth at a quantity rate rather than a quality rate and will reinsure that it is the people of this great country both the people and the government will be working for. Many advances may not be made and growth may not occur as rapidly. It will be quality and lasting growth and advances with smaller margins of error.  We will depend upon the people’s involvement and skills which are more than plentiful to see us through this change. We will come together as Americans. Not any one writer of any essay can put forth all details we will need many. This will bring on a time of heighten awareness to this as well and help America move forward in preventing this reoccurrence. Over a small amount of time we may even meet or exceed our current quality of life. I believe as well this is just the type of reform that would allow America to refocus her efforts on growth and opportunity and allow us as a nation to take advantage of the growth which would reoccur in the middle class and not an addition to the CEO’s wallet. We will see new forms of domestic commerce come about. This will create new ways for people to be involved in their community. We will see a day when people come out of their house happy gleaming with opportunity to sell or buy from his or her neighbor. With this sort of boom our economy will rebound.

If anything is taken from this essay. I wish for it to be this. Steady the course is not our only option. America’s war must have an end somewhere. The people must once again be the homeland security and this agency should be abolished. It cannot go on forever. America is a powerful force due to its allowance of independence to its people who hold the ultimate authority being divine free born individuals. We grew at a rate and held great influence on the world no one else had. Through the integrity and hard work of our middle class who worked hard to take care of America and each other, this deteriorates along with just that, the middle class. Anyone who would argue this I believe is arguing against our very values which make us proud to be free liberty loving Americans. Our course will only be changed if we come together in unity. Unity will only be accomplished if we look at a bigger picture and understand how to start the attack of our problems and foes in and of this country. This must be a precise and coordinated effort as the stubbornness and ability to divert the people as to steady the course at all cost will be strong. With threat of violence, belligerence, and no unification if we move forward we will only come to bloodshed and further deterioration of rights and liberties in the name of saving us from ourselves. I do agree though that those who do not respect their majority should shake in their boots. It’s America!

I understand what was done in the days of our first revolution. The machine gun and heat seeking equipment did not yet exist. Unmanned drones were not flown. I do not rule out that the resistance would have a shot at dividing or winning an actual revolution war if it should ever come. I am in the understanding though that this sort of bloodshed would begin a new dark age which has yet to be seen. In unity peace and understanding we can enjoy a change which occurs much more subtly with a group of people whose employer is now bankrupt and out of people who will work for them. The people may need a new line of work and reassess where they buy their goods. Maybe they will create their own business. This is not only possible but sounds much better than a group of people poised brother against brother, father against son in the line of war.  We have the power to do this. Raise your voice. Talk to your opposition in understanding rather than anger and work towards the solution. Take aim at the big picture and forget the medaling of the petty. God bless America and everyone in it for intelligence is god’s gift to man. It has brought us all we have. Let us use it to produce the world and change we wish to see.  


Written by -PJ Creamer-

With the intent to reform not

The government,

To reform the people!

Essay No. 4
"Temperature Rising"
Tuesday April 6th 2010. 5:30 pm

              We as a people are approaching a new era.  A new way of life for the people is dawning on the horizon. It can be described in many different ways, with many different possibilities and outcomes. One thing is certain, change is upon us. The people shall have their role in this change. The government shall have their individual role in this change as well. Both groups will go through a range of emotions that come along with change. With haste there is waste in the way of short term answers which create more problems than solutions. With a constant restraint there is a problem of delayed solution. Though well thought out new problems may arise in the midst of this.  Solutions may come far too slowly for the people’s needs. We have a large amount of people in America with vastly different ideas and fundamental differences in opinion on subjects such as government and politics. Revolution is near and will be the vehicle for change in our way of life. We must unite as the people of this great country or I fear this change will occur outside of the hands of the people.  

              This change will occur within the group’s hands that have already united.  With which they hold the groups survival and financial interest as primary. The peoples of this country’s rights, liberties, and happiness a thought yes, but take second seat. Even then with primary concern of commerce and financial flow, not the rights of man or impact on such at all. Government, corporations, foundations, political parties, and in some cases private membership groups are a few of these groups already united. I lay claim these parties have their groups own special interest in mind to demand wealth for their noblemen and to do so until no longer able by any means necessary, not moral.  It is not the demise of the people I believe they have in mind. It is a corruption which has been normalized through generations which have ultimately resulted in conspiracy and indirect assault on the middle class and the peoples influence in this country.

                I find we are constantly asking. What is the role the government should play in our lives? I find the statements frequent. This government is over grown and is out of control it ruins everything it lays prospect on.  It seems to me that the blame dose not rest simply upon the government’s shoulders. It deals with many influences and situations which it must adapt and change to with the ultimate goal to overcome. They must work amongst many ideas conservative and progressive who also have underlying special entrusts influence. We can make a studied case of those influences such as corporations and special interest group’s agendas. We can make evident this is evil but this is good leaving not light or dark answers but a shade of grey. It is within this grey that I proclaim all of corruption and conspiracy is able to not only survive but also thrive. This is where I find the overgrown control aspect lies not within the “machine” that has been labeled government. Government is good and necessary tool set forth to protect people and personal property. It is the direct belligerence and ignorance of these groups which have formed who have mangled and perverted this system to what seems a breaking point.

                The people have a duty and a right to do what is called voting with ones feet. If the government fails to regulate or may not have the right to regulate is the point at which the people of this country must have a say.  If multiple groups come together and understand the people’s power and how influencing this in different ways will stabilize their specific market. The company then could project and manage and forecast losses for large scale production. Others may be involved for profit or popularity based on their specific abilities in this coordination which may help there turnout or cause. This is marketed through the amount of people in the US and the thinking that we must micromanage large corporations as to be able to service and furnish the people of this country. Their survival no matter the ethics is our only option for it is too big to fail it is said. I believe this idea has take direct precedence over free market and the belief that the people of this country will manufacture and trade amongst themselves and find profit in providing a quality product to its people. Others will then recreate this and have their wealth as well. This might come at a slightly higher cost to the people however it will ensure our countries financial success and growth among the middle class. The money will disperse and the people will then find it plentiful. Their life may have changed however in that we are no longer a service society. This may warrant a new job. We then once again become a production society which will relieve debt slavery and free that mans dollar as well. When you tie up this countries people in servicing a quantity society rather than a producing a quality society you begin to create a scenario where the buyers heavily outnumber the producers and end up in a form of debt slavery in which the producers left rich and the consumers left poor based upon their only option for employment.  This is to service the other consumers for the producer.

                The time for a change in cycle is now. The way for a change in cycle is for the people to unite. Unity can only be made upon common ground. We are the people of this great country and we are all affected by corporate greed and the minds of few.  We can narrow down our cause and fight this beast which is consuming our society full circle. By way of commerce, politics, and individuals moral decree which is used by these three groups to avoid the people’s attention to such areas which indirectly affect their lives. I believe these effects to be self evident and require little explanation. They can gain a mutual understanding, from the people as a whole, by way of principal. Something which I have yet to lose faith in and believe still exists and thrives in America despite common belief. Finding these core issues which hit the heart of every American no matter their political views is what’s necessary for a successful revolution. Anything less or without unity would result in civil war amongst the people of this great country.

                We as a people must know the difference between issues with potential for unity and those of necessary or naturally occurring polarity. We must find refuge in the very basics, beginnings, or fundamentals which were laid before us in the constitution. We must understand that the constitution was meant to represent those rights of man which are self evident. If they are self evident they take no strain to find and understand.  It is my belief that men and women in position of public service acting as obedient servants to the people receive a paycheck from the people for their necessary and voluntary service to the people. The public servant is suppose to be our line of defense of all threats to personal property and freedom of commerce as the hand which utilizes the tool of government. A nobleman who finds it fit to feasts at a table in which the common man is not welcome is in service to no other than himself. These are the people and ideas we as a united people must examine and change.

                 Special entrust money has infiltrate our majority of incumbents. They have left a foundation for this to only further occur in any new circumstance or senator.  We must attack the problem at its core and strip these small bodies of people of their abilities to influence the government or public servants which are in place to guard our constitution before all and therefore defend the freedoms and free markets of these people. We must do away with any nobleman and bring in the era of honor in public service. The assault on the middle class has gone on far too long. We must demand as a people that these public servants take not a single dollar more than what the people pay them while they serve their term in office. We must also not allow this to happen indirectly either. If senators and congressmen were in office for the best interest of the people without their heads stuck in their wallets. This country would be a better place today and allow my kids not to study corruption and conspiracy. Rather take interest in the arts, science, mathematics, medical, and public service or what so ever they chose.  We must be able to unite the people as one without lines of party or polar differences.

                We follow the people. We follow corruption, greed, commerce, groups, and super structure. We understand that this country is not in a good position. We also understand this is the greatest country in the world. Our passions and love for this country will not stray in times of glory or peril. We will stand united in both understanding our current peril as well as overcoming it in triumph and glory. There is no shame in the type of growth which we’ve incurred partial as a result of the corruption and debt enslavement which was until now a system which was working and promoting this. Our bubble has popped and now it’s time for something new. Steady the course is a steady decline. The answers from the incumbent and corporations are becoming stale and lack fresh influence. They are full of an older generation who are more conformed into the idea of how successful what we were doing was.  They the boomers have ruled in their majority for some time. They are blinded to the ill direction it will now take us. They are in need of a fresh perspective from a new group of young individuals with a real entrust in where this government is taking us. We as the new generation must move in and take over. We must remove the financial burden of this group of elders as well as to protect ourselves from the very same corruption. They protect this with fire as a dragon protects is useless shiny treasure. We must take the wheel and drive. We live in the greatest country in the world with more opportunity than anyone in any country. If we fail it is our fault and no one else’s. Let us own these problems and find our core issues which we must reinject with our core fundamentals and values. The course for this country is always open as we as a nation will never cease to move in one direction. That is forward with the rest of the world. It’s in our hands.  The temperature rises.

Written by -PJ Creamer-

With the intent to reform not

The government,

To reform the people!

Essay No. 3
"The Mystery Class"
Monday March 29th 2010. 1:00 pm

I am an American. What does this statement mean to me?  I am fortunate enough to live in the land of opportunity where anything is possible for a man who wishes to go into this world and make himself. I am in a position to become anything I want to be. There is no set line for me to abide by. If I wish to go to college and receive a title on which to build a career and make my first million by age 30 I can do this. If I wish to opt out of collage and go chip trees for a living and sell the mulch and make my first million by 30 I am free to do so. There is a free market in which I can operate, sell or buy goods with myself as the regulating factor. The sky is the limit. It is great to be an American with such opportunity and foundation on which to rest my two feet. I have before me a very successful future.             

                I am an American who works 9 am – 5 pm Monday thru Friday and come the weekend I sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labor over a beer and bar-b-queue with my other friends who engage in a similar lifestyle. I get a vacation which I spend a lot of my time trough the year saving for and dreaming about. My kid’s success is at the flip of the coin depending upon how they chose to make themselves or even the morals I may have helped to distil in them. They attend public school which cares for them while I maintain my salary to pay my debts on house, car, food, and so on. These items keep us comfortable in our lifestyle and at this point have become the corner stone of my existence. I may continue this until I am 70 as long as social security and my retirement are still stable I can then relax for the last 10 years or so of my life on average.  This is comfortable to me and a lifestyle I would promote to my kids. I am middle class America and am the backbone of this country. I am the consumer and driver of this economy. I am proud to be an American.  I have no further goals this will do. I have the ability to risk and rise or fall if I so chose.

                I am an American; I am in a country, the land of opportunity where I can make my life as I please. I am not an ambitious go getter in the way of money; some may even call me a minimalist. I value my time more than any dollar one can pay me. Material does not define my wealth. The time in which I spend making my own decisions and do as I please is what I value most and how I spend it is my business. You may look at me and feel pity or wonder if I have regret. My things are not so pretty my house or rental property is quite small. My kids do not understand the values in which I am instilling and the understanding of the beauty I find in the simplicity of life. One day I’m sure they will thank me though. With their friends and the material life their parents build for them leave my children at times wishing for a different life as well.  They will though have an example left by their father when the material in their life begins to lose its value or becomes boring and my kids look out the window and decide all the beauty in the world has a value as well to the human soul. It’s why I wake up every day. I am not an addict or abusive to my children or the system. I am an American, this is what’s important to me so this is how I chose to live and the constitution supports my right to do so.

                I am an American. What does this statement mean to me? I am in a country which gave me many opportunities. I had a troubled upbringing and chose the wrong crowd which led me to trouble with the law and my family.  Drugs, Abuse, and/or mental illness may be factors. I’ve had a long hard life where I’ve tried, and I’ve tried but in the land of opportunity, call it bad luck or my own doing, but I did not prevail. I am homeless and can form many ideas and reflect back upon my life and blame different elements. I do however realize that I have failed on my own accord and am still proud to have lived in this country and had this opportunity. I may not be a person of substance or comprehension. I may even be belligerent and not admit to the most of this. But it is true, I am American and proud to be none the less.

                It is my belief that in the above writings I have described, in my own estimate, represents fifty percent or less of the population in America. I’ve described a traditional upper-class, middle class, and the last two a lower class which I wanted to contrast. This is that which drives and has built Americas pride, infrastructure, and success.  In my own estimate that this traditional social structure now makes up fifty percent or less of the population points out an all out assault on our majority of this structure the middle class which is proven to be on the decline. Common understanding may leave you asking what the other fifty percent of the population is and where if losing a significant portion of the middle class where are they going if not to the lower class you describe?

There is a fourth class which has been purposefully inserted into America by a sub-group of the upper class whose ideals and influence help to shape our super structure government and the people’s lives. Where this was intentional, I do not believe the men behind the idea solely exist with a black heart and which for only control. I believe there are many factors on which a good man can become interested and logically back the idea of this injection. This fourth class I mention I continue to this point calling it the “mystery class”. I call it this because even to those individuals who partake could most likely be calling themselves lower or middle class America and are completely oblivious to this essays ideals or recognitions of them. This is the push to socialize America under the idea that this country should take care of certain individuals for as long as there situations remains within a set guideline. This can be exemplified in what’s already been available through our countries well fare system, tax system, even our push to socialize medicine.

                This that is described is the factor in which I have pen pointed the deterioration or assault on our American way of life and its backbone, the middle class. Our forefathers put forth a system in which it is ok for one to be filthy rich if you chose so and accomplish yourself. It is ok to remain middle class and be happy or even look to take risk and join the upper or lose all and become the lower class. It is ok if currency or material is not your thing and you wish to live simple life and still call yourself a proud American and participate in this great country as such. It is ok if your life goes bust you subject yourself to your systems judicial review or maybe stay away from it all together just to wither as a homeless happy or not. We all share the opportunity. Are there the mentally ill, special needs, and disabled? Yes, and I believe in relief through the tax system for the families and individual under the American spirit of pride and taking care of each other through Unity.  This makes up a small portion of the fifty percent or above as has been described however, an overwhelming majority of this figure do not have or are capitalizing upon these very ideas or programs and have been allowed to do so by government legislation and yes though subject to the peoples ridicule continue shamelessly and even begin to think there lower or middle class America. It is the claim of this essay that they are neither. This is an epidemic which I believe has been passed through generations and is a means or now way of life created in America.

                The “mystery class” is that which believes in having a hand out and open, awaiting the next paycheck in the mail with a government seal. Their hands are out awaiting the next big idea from the government to “help” the people. They are willing to trade in a rust bucket for a new car because the government gives them incentive and even the ability to take a loan they cannot afford even with their government wage and additional wage made outside of our tax system on which they sustain themselves. It is a belief among this community that it is American to receive their monthly check in the mail and various programs for housing, health care, and so on. It may be their idea to one day move on from this but happily pass it to the next willing body and call it a necessary arrangement. It may be their goal to remain in this system indefinitely and do whatever they can to promote and ok even furthering this socialistic environment in which they agree with based on simply how effortless it is for them to survive so long as the government is allowed to do their bidding.  This is what allows for the government and those good people I described to logically subscribe based on the mentality that the public that the American citizen cries out for liberty and freedom if given the opportunity can the American citizen handle liberty and real freedom? Do they need a government willing to take care of them? I believe in watching recent activities as well as reviewing long standing programs we can see which way the answer among our leaders sway. This is what has resulted in this tragedy or epidemic described.  I believe there are a wide variety and range of problems in our country today which can be related right back to this very ideal. The deterioration of our public schooling system, financial system, and moral decree are a few that come to mind.

                This essay has begun to define another class of people which I believe are happy to be Americans. I do not believe these people to be terrible people who wish for the world to be a terrible place. I believe they are confused and do not understand the dangers which they pose to this great country, our heritage and way of life.  I believe the education to the fact that this class of people exist and must be dealt with not in our current mentality that this is the only way for society to function. This is our only way out of the chains of socialist and debt slavery.  This is the factor I believe which goes past politics, race, gender, religion and begins to address the real core issue in America which was described by the forefathers so that we may as a people can unite on a common ground when necessary to attempt to do that which has not been documented before. Overcome both government and people’s tendencies to control, dominate, and conquer and ultimately under pressure crumble at the peoples despair and begin again.  This is a vicious cycle through all of history. There must be a level of morality, pride, genuine care, and honesty which must be maintained and fought for in the name of all that is good weather under religion or ideals of man for this to occur. So that good people who wish to correct our current social epidemic have the tools to do so. These are the core values I believe of the patriot movement which has been about in this country since the days of Washington, Jefferson, Paine, Lincoln, and Franklin to name a few. This is the battle to carry the light, secure, and remain a just great nation for the entire world to marvel at and strive to be.  

                I do not see a ship that is sinking and beyond repair. I do not see a society in which our scholars and intellects will write, speak, criticize and attempt to educate the public on to only see the ultimate fate of that which they worked so hard to analyze and even save sink into the murky abyss. Life will go on afterward yes, but without our rich history which has laid a foundation for greatness and leadership among the world’s platform while being one of its younger members. We had brilliance and integrity on our side when forming this nation and it did prevail and we marveled at its abilities thru a time line of hundreds of years.  This is a hole in our boat, we as a nation hit puberty and grew at a remarkable rate. Our decisions along the road have been demanded at a pace in which must have allowed for error. We are not perfect. Let us, the people, take it upon ourselves to understand or continue the study of the error and the addition of the element which will balance the equation. Our foundation is not lost. We the people still survive with deteriorating yes but rights and liberties that still exist. If we quit now and result to educate a regime to somehow assume the power or lead the restructure of society once the one in power is gone there will be many horrors and battles ahead with potential for bloodshed and even collapse and breakup of our unity. This will run the risk of the same corruption, no success and even a break up and redistribution of this great nation. Sinking the ship on purpose or just staying out of the way while it inevitably sinks is not an option. We the people do have the power to take the control through renewed responsibilities to a life that is not easy but both integral and fruitful. A way of life that which will further preserve that of my fathers, his fathers and so forth which we remain so proud of and is the reason we look at the red, white, and blue and still feel pride and salute  to even amongst our current turmoil and anger. It is the peoples right there for responsibility to realize what is right and implement this even if not easy as to preserve our liberty, way of life, and constitution.  Reform the people and the government will surely under there only option at that point follow due to the unity of the people on a common solid foundation which can be related to by all. Responsibility is the campaign this country needs.  This is my attempt to define that which I call the “mystery class” an all out assault on our tradition, middle class, and way of life.

Written by -PJ Creamer-

With the intent to reform not

The government,

To reform the people!

Essay No. 2
"This Is Not A Fairy Tale"
Friday March 26th 2010. 12:00 pm

                In times of excess, hardship, disaster, fear, or devastation there is a cry or need for change. Change is a powerful word. It defines an ability of the Human race to differentiate, adapt, and overcome. If a family member or maybe your self is dealing with these very problems we take a stand and demand a change in our own individual lives out of an understanding that the same only leads to further deterioration of the situation. A truth held self evident such as common sense. We elected our current president based on his campaign under this one very powerful word. When I step back and understand that this word has become so powerful when relating to our government, commerce, private industry, and each and every citizen of this great country. I begin to see a foundation which we all at this point rest our feet upon. We have recognized a problem. This is our call to understand and furthermore fix it!

                Change can come about in many ways. What must first come though before we see the first steps of change is to identify the problem. I would like to make the case that at this point not just on an official basis or documented account, but through the eyes of the citizens who watch the news or simply keep an ear open to our governments dealings that the problems are now identified. I can ask any one walking by on the street one problem and I’m sure they can name at least one. Now that we have taken the first step, there is a problem. I propose that we as a people move on. The next step is to care. To take it upon ourselves to say I agree this affects my community and me to the point that I am willing to do something about this. Some believe you go and yell at those in power. You form a group of like minded people get them mad enough to go and put them in a position to be openly scrutinized by both the government and the viewers at home or public. This shows conviction and you are herd. As I find this effective in the first step. This has brought the message to the masses and for once I believe as a people helped to spread the understanding of our over grown, incumbent government and the effects its agenda and policies are having on its people. This is why I believe our system was set forth with the intent the people would take the responsibilities to inject a wide variety of thinkers and class into our government and not a specific class of people who has held a monopoly over our system. It was intended that people from all walks of life should have the opportunity not just PHD’s, Lawyers, and the wealthy within our society.  How can we as a people think that without representation from the middle class, that we shall have our interest secured and looked after?

                I have a proposal. Yes we can and must reform the people. Our ideas and understanding of the government and of our power as a majority to come together and understand the problem and our power to not only create but push through a solution by way of ballet and influence. We must also understand again what has been lost, our responsibilities to ourselves and what is needed from us to stop this overgrown government from assuming total control of the population and our dealings. We can put aside our partisan politics amongst ourselves as a people and our different ideas on influence of government and how to trade or take care of a people. We can even put aside our fear and take care of this United States and return to the watchful eye of each and every citizen, not some camera system with manipulative controlled influence. We do now have a platform that we can come together on and understand our financial, health, and government corruption problems. I there for propose that as integral people who are to be out in this world and earning an honest dollar, for every hour worked there shall be one hour paid. We operate outside of these boundaries and we are subject to judicial review. We must as well hold our leaders to this very system which has made America a land of opportunity which the rest of the world once looked to find example.

                I propose a complete abolishment of special interest money and influence in Washington. I propose a reregulation of the people’s power in this country. We wish to operate as equal individuals in the eye of all I see no reason why a corporation for its, owners exceptional as it may be, success to have any more say than a vote that he or she may place in a ballot or a voice which they may use to influence the people just like me. The working middle class individual who is just as opinionated and smart that makes this country work. I say we as Americans, rich, middle class, and poor alike, come together and demand from these public servants from local, state, and federal understand their position and the honor it is to hold those positions. We as the people pay each individual serving in office enough money on top of their honorable position to sustain a happy sustained life while in office. I believe a public servants interest and time must be on serving the public and the issues they are elected to deal with. Not in their personal medaling such as estate or bank accounts. I cannot make the connection as to these individuals seeing the necessity of allowing a corporation or group of individuals to rise above the power of the people of this great nation and have any more influence on their policy and decision making than anybody else. This is a direct result of the type of individuals at this point which we believe should hold office. Our forefathers intended upon all walks of life serving in office for this very reason. We can however agree together through facts alone in the overwhelming majority case this is not so.

                I propose we stand together in petition by the power of the people and demand our statesmen, congress, and senators alike not take a single dime over their current income from the people. They should be happy to be the voice of the people. I believe this can be used as a regulating tool over our government to make sure the intent of this public servant is simply to serve the public not a small portion thereof. This will also regulate the influence of any individual limited to that which everyone has, a voice. Not what everyone does not have, money. If a public servant operates outside of this means there should be judicial review as not to assume guilty before proven so, however no special exceptions. Each and every individual who takes a single dime over there citizen given compensation for their time and efforts shall lose their position and be free to pursue what any citizen is, their own private interest at this point. We must pull the heads of our public servants back to their office. Office should be a full time commitment with one thing in mind, the constitution and serving the best interest in protecting the Unites States citizen.

                On this note I launch my campaign as a free thinking individual who is willing to understand our reform we call for as a public has not yet been proposed or implemented. This is a campaign for which a call to the people who I believe can unite under this solid foundation to reform our way of business and political acceptance of our current supper structure so that we may once again return the power and public service interest, to the people. This unity under the people and not any particular party will take our country back. This country is to be run as a country protecting its people. Not a corporation which is to thrive on and be commerce. That is a fact which is represented by no color or party. We the people are the commerce. Regulation I say yes. Complete take over or control thereof I say not on my watch. My fellow citizens are people who I have faith in that if a reputable government be in place, a people who once again without question will be in a position to control and regulate their own individuals lives without holding the hand of its overgrown government free to do as it will. The government has liberty and extends it to themselves as they please, need, or see fit. In this context it remains undefined, unregulated, and misappropriated.  I as a tax paying land owning citizen feel I do not have liberty even in its own defined sense. Based out of fear or safety it may be, I did not agree to this trade. This must change. We coming together to inflict this change, weather government wants it or not , will be the reform and revolution we wish to see in the people, ourselves, our neighbors, or individuals we criticize amongst ourselves on the streets. I see it all as a criticism of your country not the individual. Judicial review, Legislative review, and executive review will work. The people must stop the perversion and be the regulation. I am there for as of now on campaign for the people with no paycheck but a simple and great understanding of the honor it is for me to have my two feet in this one great spot we call America.  We will once again secure our place in this world not as the only, but a great example to the rest of the world, not by force but by the honor and dignity of its servants who reflect the honor and dignity of its people. A common ground on which to stand. One nation, individual, for liberty and justice for all. This is not a fairy tale.

Written by -PJ Creamer-

With the intent to reform not

The government,

To reform the people!.

Essay No. 1
"American Mentality"
Thursday March 25th 2010. 11:20am

   When will the people come out of there shell and understand that we are only old enough as a people at this point (median age) to understand that in which we were raised. We need to understand that which we were raised in is not working and only further incrementally deteriorating! It seems that we only understand how to look to the government for answers at this point. A government which is proven to be, in an equal understanding among the general public, one of corruption and special entrust. If we all can, and we do, come together under this one fact then we have a common understanding that the govt. alone is not responsible enough to handle our private lives.

    I think at this point even socialist can agree some sort of reform to the system must occur before socialism can occur in the since they wish to see. At that It is my belief, and believe it should be others as well, that our government is seen as just this, a man driven machine. In order to preserve liberty and a way of life that was meant to be for those who call themselves American. Preserving or promoting a way of life in which the individual regulates all through integrity and good will towards the people. Those who wish harm to others are governed by a law which I agree with and will be subjected to a judicial review.

  It is time we as a people begin to understand our role we must take as individuals in this world. We have far too long handed over our core responsibilities to our govt. We as a society have demoralized and scrutinized each other to a point where I believe it is an actual debate as to whether the people can handle their own business at this point. The government reflects the people. That is my opinion. Thus why it is politically acceptable to operate the way Washington dose!

  It may be a harder way of life to live with integrity and an understanding of ones responsibility in this country is more than work all week party on the weekends. But it is necessary. We see the hole in our ship. It’s sinking. We know who’s responsible and hell I have a belief we know how to fix it! It will take hard work not from our government as Barack Obama preaches. But hard work from our people to guide and elect our government back to liberty and an understanding that yes the people do have a right to handle their own lives. They deserve the right to their privacy. They deserve their right to handle there own commerce. Leave the people the responsibilities and right to find their own health care without the guidance of corporation or job. To handle their own money and handle there own loans in a just open free market scenario. The people do not need this phony credit system they just need the right to be lent a buck on their own good name and a bank understands the risks they take and are not guaranteed success.

  There is another way out of this people through hope, liberty, and constitutional justice which is far too long forgotten. It is time we begin within each and every one of us. We change and it will change. For once we’ve changed we can understand and be the change we wish to see. This is the statement which can change it all, but we could not be further from it. Understand principal, integrity, honesty, and then and only then in my opinion do we start to see what the masses do not. It is real freedom and an opportunity for real change in this country. This is the way to repair the hole in our sinking ship.

Written by -PJ Creamer-

With the intent to reform not

The government,

To reform the People!


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